Tien Xuan Vo

Senior PHP Developer

About Me

Hi, my name’s Tien and I’m a senior PHP developer with over 6 years experience. I am currently working for GO1 as a full stack developer on an e-learning platform.

I love learning new things by working on new projects. I am most skilled in: ES5 & ES 6 Javascript, React, PHP, MySQL, Symfony, Elasticsearch, AngularJS, git and Docker.


Model Based Testing Bundle(s)


This is the future of software testing. You don't have to write any test cases to test a project.

Model Based Testing is not new. The first time I’ve heard of it is when I work as internship at Global CyberSoft. I love the idea, but the tools that I know didn’t make me happy. So I decided to write my own tool based on skills that I have: ReactJS, Symfony, API Platform, RabbitMQ, Mysql, Behat, TestCafe and Docker.

I’m very proud of this project. Feel free to check out on GitHub:

Angular Elastic Builder Fork

This is part of some thing much larger.

At GO1, I was working on a reporting system. This project is a part of it. Even though it’s just a fork, I put a lot of effort on it. By working on it, I had learned ES5 Javascript and Elasticsearch.

Drupal 8 Module Ports

There are a lot of modules unavailable at the time Drupal 8 was released.

I started these projects as a way to learn Drupal 8 and Symfony. Although GO1 had switch from Drupal to its new stack of development, the skills that I had learned through these project still valuable for me. This is the first time I created open source projects.

The projects are:




Senior PHP Developer - Full Stack Developer

April 2013 - Present

This is the first and the only company I work for since I graduated from the university. The biggest project I worked on is Report Builder, a reporting system. At GO1 I had the opportunity to work with: Drupal, Symfony, AngularJS, Codeception, TestCafe, AWS services, Elasticsearch, Docker and ReactJS.


University of Science Ho Chi Minh city

BSc Information Technology

2008 - 2012

During my time at the university I learnt these skills: SQL, C/C++, C#. The subjects I love the most is Open Source Software Development and Operating System.

Beside of that, I learnt myself PHP which is the most important skill to me.

A Little More About Me

Alongside my interests in software engineering some of my other interests and hobbies are:

  • Watching game streams
  • Gaming
  • Football

I was organizer and the caster of the very first e-sport contest at GO1.